Wonderfully profound

‘Spokeswoman of The Bright Sun’ – Mark Olson – taking turns you don’t expect

Some time ago I heard ‘Many Colored Kite’ and then ‘Good-bye Lizelle’ now there’s ‘Spokeswoman of The Bright Sun’ and still Mark Olson’s music speaks to me. It has the voice of music from long ago, music from a time when there was an innocence, or at least it seemed so to those of us that were there and can still recall the time. There’s always a quiet deep thinking, spiritual feel to this alt Americana. Moments of contemplation. Relaxation. Quiet consideration. Make of that what you will but if you ever use the words: “You had to be there.” Then this album could be the vehicle to take you there.

‘Dear Elizabeth’ opens and at once you become part of Olson’s thoughtful, somewhat philosophical examinations, ‘Time Of Love’increases the contemplation and wistful meandering until the title track ‘Spokeswoman of The Bright Sun’ makes you realise that time is not simply a river running away from you, it does have islands where you can pause. Aside from those there’s the wonderfully profound and the pensive mixed amongst ‘Seminole Valley Tea Sippers Society’, ‘You Are All’ and ‘All My Days’. 

Folk fused Americana blended with alternative country and mixed with the essence of experience and feeling, shades of experiment taking turns you don’t expect – that’s ‘Spokeswoman of The Bright Sun’.

-Tom Franks