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SPAIN October / November 2015

30 min performance on SPANISH TV, RADIO 3


Sevilla Film Festival

Sevilla Film Festival Glitterhouse Records / Cat Producciones

Posted by MARK OLSON on Friday, November 13, 2015


Interview from Zaragoza


“My songs are like a day in the desert”



Poison Oleander on Spanish TV



Mondo Sonoro magazine

Sweden Tour Dates 2015


Interview Gävle, Sweden

LIVE Concert Review Gävle, Sweden

LIVE Concert Review Visby, Sweden

Interview Malmö, Sweden

LIVE Review Malmö

Skånska Dagbladet, Malmö

Sydsvenskan, Malmö–nojen/scenkonst/scenrecensioner/saker-jayhawk-vagar-prova-nytt/

Interview Jönköpingposten, Sweden

LIVE Review Jönköpingposten, Sweden

Great Review from Germany

Here is a great review in German. They took the time to write the review as a lap by lap account of a running race and acknowledge my dedication of a song on Good-bye Lizelle to the great Czech runner Emil Zatopek. Emil Zatopek carried his wife on his shoulders as he ran through a winter forest with his army boots on. Ingunn and I were there in that forest!  We heard about Zatopek in South Africa and all off a sudden we were in Czech and the record was mixed and I had carried Ingunn on my back though the deportation days. The darkness, how dark was it? The night that started in Minnesota.. We made it! We ran through a Czech forest together. Thank You Czech, Thank You Germany, Thank You South Africa, Thank You Armenia. Mark.